Red Kite Survey

Thank you very much for agreeing to take part in this survey. It should take you approximately 5-10 mins to complete.

Many people feed garden birds, but with the return of the red kite to the UK, some people are also providing food for these raptors. The objectives of this study are to gain an understanding of the extent of feeding of red kites across the UK. It is vital that we get responses from as many people as possible, and answers from people who don't have red kites locally are just as important. We are enormously grateful for your help; without your answers we would not be able to complete our study.

This project has been subject to ethical review, according to the procedures specified by Royal Holloway University of London's Research Ethics Committee, and has been given a favourable ethical opinion for conduct.

Please be aware that the survey will automatically skip certain questions if you indicate that you do not feed red kites (as these skipped questions specifically relate to red kite feeding).

If you have any questions about this project, please get in touch with Dr. Rebecca Thomas (